About Us


Jo Hamilton, make-up artist and founder of JoJo Glow noticed many of her customers were using their own face pads on their children. The super soft fibres are so gentle on the skin (perfect for babies) it was an idea crying out to me made! And now her sister’s on board – Jess, a new mum with ecological conviction. 

JoJo Glow Babies employs the very same eco-friendly principles of the original. Considering how much environmental harm can be accredited to throw-away nappies and baby-wipes – to dispose of disposable wipes could reduce a parent’s waste output by up to 50%.

They’re gentle on the skin, free of any chemicals and are reusable for up to 200 washes. JoJo Glow Babies come in rainbow colours to keep your little ones enchanted and the planet just a little bit safer.

Join Jo and Jess Hamilton as they revolutionise the way we keep our babies clean.